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Welcome! I’m Felicia..

Mom of 4, Wife and a natural born Empath. I am a Tarot & Oracle Card Reader and an Intuitive Healer & Spiritualist. My spiritual gifts encompasses clairvoyance, clairaudiance and clairsentience abilities.

While I have embodied all of these gifts my entire life, I experienced a major shift in my life in 2017. Several turns of events occurred resulting in making some lifestyle changes that aligned me with honoring and sharing more of my spiritual gifts with the world.

During “The Shift” process of filtering through my life, I opened up space for teachers, mentors and fellow spiritualist on the path of Universal Consciousness that has been an awesome counterpart and support to my growth and ascension.

I continue my journey being dedicated and obedient to the path of utilizing my spiritual tools and skills by tapping into subconscious information that brings clarity and inspiration to the lives of others in regards to past, current and future occurrences.

My Spiritual lifestyle values ancient practices and healing techniques, observing various spiritual realms and cohering physical and non-physical energetic frequencies.

The Goddess In Me - Truly inspires the creation of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Inner alignment, self realization, unconditional gratification and maximization one’s true potential on their life’s journey.

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