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Healing with Spiritual Goddess Influencer

Certified Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner / Certified Crystal Healer

For in home services, Travel Fee Will Apply


Reiki Healing ( In-Person)

Reiki is a non-invasive technique to promote healing by releasing congestion from energy centers to enable a good flow of energy in the body. It is administered by " laying hands" on major energy centers (chakras) of the body and is based on the Japanese tradition of channeling universal light, love and life force energy through the practitioner to a client. 

Additional Benefits

Reduces stress & anxiety ~ Awakens intuition & self-awareness ~ Increases blood flow & circulation ~ Aids in relaxation & improves sleep ~ Relives depression.

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Reiki Space Clearing

It's important that our homes have good energy flowing abundantly and a vibrant space the promotes peace and tranquility. 

Reasons to get a space clearing:

Moved into a new home ~ Energy of an existing space feels stuck or stagnant ~ Transitional periods in life: New Marriage, New Baby (expecting), Divorce, Illness, Loss ~ Opening a new place of business ~ 

All clearing and cleansings can be done on-site or through distant methods. 

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Distant Reiki Sessions

Reiki sessions treats a whole person , not only symptoms of concern.  This holistic practice is facilitated to any person, in any location, without being physically present. Reiki balances the clients energetic fields and chakra energy centers to release or receive relief from unwanted symptoms that are physical and mental. Feel peace, positive well-being, letting go , freedom, support, deeper connection with yourself, balance and pain relief. Just as powerful as in person and hands on sessions.

Ritual Mind Experience & Spiritual Apothecary


I AM My Children's Keeper Ritual Mind Experience

Family Oriented Healing Experience
(Suitable for children ages 6-17)

Connect with yourself and your children for this "Parent & Me" Spiritual experience. 

Together we will explore and learn more about energy, our chakras, how to meditate, grounding techniques, how to cleanse and rejuvenate oneself using herbs, an introductory to crystals and how they work with our energy and the energy of others.  

Aromatherapy will be used to open the senses and meditation music use to attune the mind. This provides a subtle energetic healing physically and spiritually. 

Reiki will be explained and Reiki energy is also used in the session to amplify the flow of of healing energy. 

Tea is intuitively selected and served to align you and your child(ren) emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

One rate for you and (1) Child. Additional Children will require as small fee.

Introductory Crystal Kit will be given to the participants at the end of this session.

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