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Reiki Reading ~ I AM

Reiki Reading ~ I AM

🌟 Introducing Reiki Energy Readings 🌟


I AM Version


Are you seeking insight into your energetic well-being?


The I AM is a unique reading will identify your weakest energy center (chakra).


As a Reiki Master, I will perform the reading by scanning your energy field utilizing Distance Reiki techniques.


🔮 **What to Expect:**


For your Reiki energy reading, you will receive:


- A comprehensive energy scan to identify your most dense chakra representing any imbalance or blockages sent via email.


- Intuitive insights and guidance related to your energy patterns regarding your weakest energy center and the area of your life that it could be most effecting.


- Personalized recommendations to help you realign and rejuvenate your under-active or imbalanced energy center.