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Energy Spring Cleaning~ Reiki Reading ~ I AM Version ~ 2024

Energy Spring Cleaning~ Reiki Reading ~ I AM Version ~ 2024

🌟2024 Energy Spring Cleaning🌟


I AM Version


Are you seeking insight into your energetic well-being this spring? It's blooming season!!!


The I AM Energy Spring Cleaning Reading is a unique reading that will identify your weakest energy center (chakra).


As a Reiki Master, I will perform the reading by scanning your energy field utilizing Distance Reiki techniques.


🔮 **What to Expect:**


For your Reiki energy reading, you will receive:


- A comprehensive energy scan to identify your most dense chakra representing any imbalance or blockages sent via website chat/email.


- Intuitive insights and guidance related to your energy patterns regarding your weakest energy center and the area of your life that it could be most effecting.


- Personalized recommendations to help you realign and rejuvenate your under-active or imbalanced energy center.


-Instructions on how to receive your Distance Reiki sent via email. You will need to make time and space to receive the energy at your convenience.


- One of SGI’s 3 minute Reiki infused recording to listen to for when you are ready to receive the energy. You must listen to the recording, it is what holds the Reiki energy.



🌈 **Benefits:**


- Gain clarity about which chakra could be tripping you up!


- Experience deep relaxation and stress relief


- Enhance your overall sense of well-being


- Unblock stagnant energy and enhance your vitality



🌿 **How It Works:**


1. Your scan, reading and email will be sent within 72 hours.


2. All communication is done by email, for this , a live session is not necessary.


3. You have access to the recording that holds the energy for you whenever you need it.



Embark on a journey of self-awareness and energetic harmony.


Your energetic well-being is priority, and I’d love to support you on your journey!


Instructions will be emailed to each participant.



I Am a Reiki Master Teacher , a conduit of energy, a light pillar of Reiki descending from higher frequency realms into much lower dimensions.

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